Friday, September 25, 2009

White rim with Warsaw theme (beamer ~ latex)


Notice the white rim appearing on the left. A quick (but not the most elegant) solution to this is to edit the theme file used by Warsaw.

Open the tex\latex\beamer\themes\outer directory and (after backing up), edit:


In the

\defbeamertemplate*{frametitle}{shadow theme}

block, find the following line:


and add an hskip, for me -0.05ex worked:


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astronic said...

Thanks for the hint.

However, I am not sure it is really a problem with beamer, because:

a) when using latex (with dvips and ps2pdf) instead of pdflatex the white rim is not appearing

b) the white rim appears only in Adobe Reader and not in an another PDF viewer I tried (Okular)

c) when quickly switching slides back and forth in Adobe Reader, the same slide in the same PDF sometimes has as rim and sometimes doesn't, i.e. when seeing a slide without the rim in Adobe Reader, going to the next slide and going back, the rim can appear!