Tuesday, March 27, 2007

OpenGL, Glut and Intel 945GM

Running an OpenGL app on a laptop with an Intel 945GM (128 shared) graphics card, I got a little disappointed by a couple of things such as the low fps. But the major problem was quite strange: artifacts, dissapearing polygons. Anyway turns out that the default value for the depth buffer in the OpenGl settings for the graphics card was 16 bits. So what you should do if you are having problems with OpenGL apps (mine was build with glut) on this kind of graphics cards is:
  • right click, graphics properties (or the long way: right click, properties, settings, advanced, select the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver and then click on Graphics Properties)
  • From the menu, click the '3d Settings' button
  • Finally, change the Depth Buffer Bit Depth from whatever it is to 24 Bit Depth Buffer.
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