Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Kerkis Font Family (Latex pack good, TTF bad)

The kerkis font family


produces some great results, especially on latex documents and especially in greek. So you just include the kerkis package in your latex document (\usepackage{kerkis}) and you get something as pretty as this:

But beware: This font, when installed as a TTF in windows (that is, pasted in the windows/fonts directory) can cause the gdi plus windows xp library to crash! After installing the fonts yesterday, applications such as YzDock, objectDock and similar ones kept crashing on start-up. Then I noticed ms office 2008 word crashing, and finally photoshop CS2. These apps all crashed on gdiplus.dll, except word which crashed on some other dll. After a few system restore attempts, msconfig configurations, I thankfully ended up in this thread, of a forum. Yes, I had installed a third-party font. So, after a good laugh, I thought that I should warn people getting similar errors...
I want to make clear that this is about the truetype fonts installed in the windows/fonts directory and has nothing to do with the latex package which works great. If you want to install the true type fonts then do so, they can be easily removed if similar problems occcur ( go to windows/fonts directory and delete them )


chibaraki said...

Sorry to comment on such an old post, but I had a similar problem using Kerkis on OSX with Word 2008 -- every time I opened the document I'd used it in Word crashed. My laptop, where I hadn't installed the font, could open the file just fine.

I figured out Kerkis was the culprit when I installed it on my laptop and Word started crashing there too.

javieth said...

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